Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kundalini Yoga Makes Me Burp

Four days ago I committed to doing a Kundalini Yoga morning sadhana every morning for 40 mornings. In a row. That's like... a lot of meditation/yoga for a gal who has gained a shit ton of weight and feels about 80 years old and has the attention span of a flea. But I'm totally loving it!

Except when I'm totally hating it.

Something I'm learning about Kundalini Yoga is this; it goes down deep into the ooey gooey mucky yucky places in your soul and pulls shit out that you totally forgot - or never even knew - was in there. 

My chakras are freaking the fuck out. For real, it's crazy. I'm crying and angry and sad and OH MY GOD THE HEARTBURN, and my cold sore from the dark depths of hell is BACK *grumble hiss growl* and AHHHH!!!!

*deep breath*

Not to mention the physical endurance that I do NOT have for an hour of yoga. I'm doing it anyway, but I'm sore, and tired, and CRANKY.

And did I mention the heartburn?

And the cold sore from the dark depths of hell?


But here's the thing; I don't want to stop. Well, I DO. It's hard, dammit! The practice itself and the aftereffects. 

It's also just the right thing, at just the right time. It resonates with my Inner Self so beautifully. I can feel the energy rising in my...

Oh wait. that might be the heartburn. 

Apparently this is my heart chakra opening, which has needed to happen for years. Every time I've meditated on my chakras, that one has always had a big 'ole block, something along the lines of the Berlin Wall.

Time to tear that puppy down, yo!

So if you see me within the next 36 days, and I'm crying for no reason, or overreactively snappy, or sporting a bright red patch of skin under my nose, or burping (hey, just keepin' it honest and real here) - blame my morning sadhana.

At the end of the journey, hopefully I can blame sadhana for feeling clearer and lighter and balanced. 

And, Universe willing, a helluva lot less burpy.