Thursday, May 23, 2013

Touches of Love

Drew and I were just now sitting in the living room together, while he played Smash Bros. Melee, impressively sharing loads of information about characters, their histories, game franchises, etc. I sat and sipped my lavender latte and soaked in the sweet togetherness. I only understood about half of the detailed information  he was telling me, but that's okay. It wasn't about the game. It was about his love of it, and my love for him.

As we sat, he stretched out and placed his foot up against mine. He does this kind of touch often, staying in physical contact with people he loves. All small children do this to some extent. I didn't expect that my almost 14-year-old teen - who is bigger than I am now - would still do this. 

Maybe it's partly due to his autism, and his slower interpersonal maturity; he doesn't consider that it's 'not cool' or 'babyish' to share his affection this way. I'm glad. He shares his love without a filter of others' perceptions. He just loves.